Laredo, Texas — A police officer was left with bloody injuries after attempting to arrest a man.

The incident was reported at the 100 block of Windrift Lane. At the scene, a victim told police 51-year-old Jose Garcia III had broken his windshield by throwing rocks at it.

“The officer attempted to detain Mr. Garcia in relation to the criminal mischief but Garcia actually resisted the arrest and the detention, causing a struggle between the officer and Garcia.”

As both fell to the floor, a second suspect identified as Jorge Alberto Contreras Flores interfered with the arrest.

“The officer was issuing Mr. Flores commands to stay back to not interfere however, Mr. Flores disobeyed all commands and began assaulting Mr. Garcia. The suspect and the officer as he was trying to detain Mr. Garcia.”

Laredo Police confirmed both Garcia and Contreras Flores may know each other but it remains unclear as to why the second man interfered.

Other officers had to assist in the arrest, however, the responding officer was the only one injured.

“Only one officer resulted with injuries because of this incident to include losing a tooth as a result of these assaults.”

Garcia faces vandalism charges, Contreras Flores faces charges of aggravated assault against a public servant, assault causing bodily injury and interference with public duties.

Laredo Police remind the community to not interfere with the duties of a police officer and as always to report any suspicious activity by dialing 911 for an emergency or the police department at 795-2800.