Staff at La Joya ISD, including security guards, are being trained to be vigilant at all times, at all places, and with every individual on school grounds. In light of the recent shootings and threats across schools in the nation, La Joya is taking precautionary steps by providing its staff members with active shooter trainings.
Staff members are told to always be on a 360-degree rotation lookout. This means staff should be aware of who is in the room and what is out of place, and what might be off. Trainers advised staff that taking precautions can be as simple as locating the exit signs, restrooms, and fire extinguishers upon entering a building.
Pre-kindergarten coach Amy Saldiva, tells us this training is especially necessary for her students.
“They can’t help themselves, they cant defend themselves, we have to be their voice and we have to be their support.”
Security guards also received separate physical training at a local shooting range as they are expected to be first responders and aid the situation if there is an escalation. La Joya officials tell Fox News these sessions will now be a part of every staff member’s training to be as cautious as possible.