We’re just hours away from Valentine’s Day and cupid is working his magic once again… and one valley justice of the peace is ready to spread the love.

It’s a great tradition, almost famous in the valley, as the well-known justice of the peace joins together hundreds of couples during the week prior to Valentine’s Day.

For the past 17 years precinct 4 place 1 Judge Charlie Espinoza traditionally offers free weddings for couples in love for Valentine’s Day. Judge Espinoza offers the services free of charge. At first, because he didn’t want the financial burden of getting married to stop loving couples from tying the knot, but now it’s just his way of giving back to the community. With these wishes Raquel and René Sanchez joined their lives this morning by civil ceremony after 6 years of dating. The cost of a civil ceremony is approximately 120 dollars. The judge plans to officiate more free ceremonies Saturday on Valentine’s Day. As Judge Espinoza mentioned he wishes to honor this tradition for many years to come.