McAllen (KFXV) — Alleged clients of an immigration attorney are still coming forward claiming they did not receive the legal services they paid for.
Fox News spoke to the attorney in question Francisco Tipton and has the latest on this developing story.
Immigration attorney, Francisco Tipton tells Fox News he’s very concerned with the amount of people coming forward claiming they did not receive the services they paid for and told us clear the air.
Through a Fox News investigation, we spoke to several people who claim they’ve paid the attorney thousands of dollars for his legal representation but say nothing has been done.
This woman who we’re calling ‘Jasmine’ to protect her identity, says she and the immigration attorney made an agreement for a reimbursement.
We reached out to Tipton to verify if the letter was sent from his law firm. He confirms he looked at it but cannot elaborate on it but, you can clearly see his name on the letter.
As part of our investigation, we also reached out to the state bar of Texas– which all licensed attorneys in the state must be a member of.
Representatives from the state bar – could not confirm an investigation is underway into Fransisco Tipton as per their protocol but did say that anybody who believes they have been a victim of any type of misconduct from a licensed attorney should report it.
They ask that alleged victims gather documents and send copies to the agency for an investigation.
The McAllen Police Department confirms at least one incident report on a ‘civil matter’ involving Tipton.
We found out these disputes are typically referred to an attorney or a justice of the peace for further investigation.
Tonight Tipton confirms that he’s willing to give Fox News an on-camera interview– next week– to further follow this investigation.