After immigration numbers only continue to rise, United States immigration departments and U.S. officials are pushing for strong methods to stop undocumented immigrants from crossing the border.

Who almost died attempting to cross the border are being used in a campaign called “Dont Risk Your Life.”

The father and son are from Central America, one of the most common areas where federal authorities say a high number of undocumented immigrants come from.

According to congressman Henry Cuellar these campaigns are crucial, adding how about 40,000 migrants from Haiti, Africa, Asia and the Middle East are expected to make the journey to the U.S soon.

Cuellar says Congress provided more than $750 million in the year 2016 to help deter illegal immigration specifically from Central America.

Explaining how border communities like ours are paying a high price to provide shelter to the people coming across.

This past year 55 new immigration judges were recruited to help the backlog of immigration cases with 25 more being added this year.