Proper hurricane preparations made ahead of time will not completely protect your property from damage. However, following a few simple tips may greatly reduce the damage to your home and property.

House at Sunset before a storm | Photo Credit: Anthony Acosta (@elitistczar)

Important Home Preparation Tips

Elevation Matters

Know the elevation of your home! Are you in a flood and/or evacuation zone?

Mobile Homes

Check tie-downs for rust or breakage.

Residents of mobile homes must evacuate when told to do so!!


Trim trees, shrubbery and dead limbs, especially ones close to your home.

Repair or replace broken or damaged fences.

Shredded bark is preferred instead of small gravel or stone bedding.


Inspect the roof for loose tiles, shingles or debris. Consider replacing old or damaged shingles with new ones rated for hurricane-force winds.

Check for and/or install hurricane clips to secure roof trusses to side walls.

Clear loose and clogged rain gutters and downspouts.


Reinforce garage doors and tracks or replace with a hurricane tested door.

How to Protect a Garage Door from Storm Damage
Braces are a great way to minimize damage during severe storms or hurricanes.

Reinforce double entry doors with heavy duty foot and head bolts.

Use a security deadbolt with a one-inch minimum bolt length.

Doors may be shuttered, but one entry must be left easily accessible.


If possible, install tested/manufactured hurricane shutters.

Inspect existing shutters to ensure they are in good working order.

Alternative: Use 5/8” or greater exterior grade plywood secured by 2 1/2” screws and/or special clips.

Obtain wood and fasteners, cut wood to size, pre-drill holes and place anchors on homes.

Store shutters or plywood lying flat to avoid warping when not in use.