Texas (KFXV) — Hundreds of thousands of victims of human trafficking– ranging from labor to sex trafficking are revealed by a new study by the University of Texas at Austin.

It’s a worldwide business affecting more than half-a-million people in texas, including children.
The most common crimes are sex, labor and human trafficking.

A common technique in the Rio Grande Valley are immigrant stash houses.

The most common form of trafficking in the U.S. Is prostitution… Like the most recent case in Houston, where a mentally-disabled woman was transported by her pimp, to perform sex acts during the superbowl because of the magnitude of people that large events like this one, attracts.

The latest numbers, released by UT-Austin estimating 79-thousand minors and youth are victims of sex trafficking.

Labor is another form of trafficking divided into five segments.

The economic impact of labor trafficking in the state adds to more than $598,000 in lost wages– where victims more often than not, are undocumented.

And the lifetime cost of care required as consequence, for the victims of sex trafficking, adding up to 6.6 billion dollars.

Places of exploitation can range from restaurants, to nail salons to bars.