Are Overshares in personal ads normal or expected? 1

Like many people these days, I have a ring smart camera watching my front door. It comes with an app called “Neighbors” which lets you post about Lost Dogs or Found Dogs, or just report suspicious activity. It also lets you post for odd jobs like babysitters or dog walkers.

I came across an unusual exchange which got my thoughts going. It went something like this:

Hello, I am in search of a dog sitter for this Spring Break. My dog doesn’t like to be in a crate. He loves to be around people and other pets. Very friendly dog. Please let me know if interested and we can discuss the details.

Neighbor App User

They received this reply:

My daughter is 17 and loves animals almost more than she loves people. She is a vegetarian, very humble, trustworthy, and has a Chihuahua-mix who she loves very very much. She will definitely take great care of your dog. Her number is…


So now I just really want to know… Why include the vegetarian badge? Is it to ensure the dog owner that she won’t EAT the dog? Why would that even be a qualification? I’m not sure if it was a simple overshare, or if this is something important enough to include in ads.

Please comment below to let me know if I’m just way off base here, or just let me know… What do you think of this?