Four Donna Teens Face Aggravated Robbery Charges

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Hidalgo County (KFXV) – Four teens face charges in connection to an aggravated robbery. Four teens are facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonds after committing a home invasion early Monday morning. Matthew Vargas, Cervando Calderon, Jesus Munoz, Oswald Rios, All 17-years-old as well as 18-year-old Eric Ramos broke into home on Catherine Street in North Donna. Police say their goal was to steal drugs from 18-year-old Alex Salas. But never imagined the aggravated robbery would go wrong.

Oswald Rios was shot in the torso and remains in critical condition.

“McAllen Police Interviewed the individual who transported the victim and then discovered that they had committed a home invasion in rural Donna” – Sheriff Eddie Guerra

The four suspects are facing one count of aggravated robbery and criminal activity on $200,000 bond each. The investigation officials also discovered that Salas who was a victim in this crime is also a convicted felon. He’s also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of marijuana, and possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute.

At this moment Hidalgo County deputies are waiting Rios to be released from the hospital so that he can also be charged in this case.

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Four Donna Teens Face Aggravated Robbery Charges

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