Former First Lady of Mexico Visits Detention Centers

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Margarita Zavala de Calderon has followed the immigration crisis closely, and now she had the opportunity to visit three of the detention centers in the Valley.
The former first lady and former congresswoman Margarita Zavala de Calderon, decided to be a witness of the conditions that thousands of undocumented families are living at the Brownsville, Weslaco and McAllen border patrol stations, an important task for her given her strong ties with child advocacy groups in Mexico.
“I believe that there is much that needs to be done in Mexico in the legal sense, and opinion wise. This visit also helps me of course, to write more of my own articles on the issue,” says Margarita Zavala, former first lady of Mexico.
As president of the comprehensive development of families, she has written numerous opinion columns in Mexican newspapers in which she describes the unaccompanied minors as ‘invisible’.
According to homeland security statistics, over 12,000 Mexican minors have bed detained since October.
Almost the total of last fiscal year, a failed effort to reunite with their parents, says Zavala.
“Much of the efforts have come by the consulates, and the people belonging to social organizations. I believe Mexico has much to offer,” says Zavala.
“Hopefully it’s not just a visit for political purposes, hopefully there are some actions that come out of the back end of that,” adds Chris Cabrera, national border patrol council vice-president.
Cabrera believes the Mexican immigration policies must also change. He says their government commonly turns a blind eye when it comes to immigrants crossing through their country.
“If they don’t do their part to clean up their side of this, the problems in Mexico and the problems in the united states and throughout our hemisphere are going to continue,” says Cabrera.
However he does admit that these visits have slowly began to yield some results.
The former first lady’s visit is short, but believes, nevertheless that it will help to foster change in Mexico and help slow the influx of immigrants crossing through her country.

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