Proper hygienic practices can go along way but as aggressive as the flu season was last year with close to 900,000 deaths reported according to the CDC, it’s best to take proper precautions.

Reports of positive influenza activity are on the rise in the state of texas with the state department of health services confirming the first death of the season, a minor…
One of the states that are having the most activity is Texas. Although there are variances by region for the state. Texas tends to have more cases of influenza reported in comparison to other states.

According to health experts, there is a popular misconception that many believe they will become sick after getting the vaccine.

It’s a misconception that the flu vaccine will give you the flu, that does not happen it’s a false narrative when it comes to the injection of the flu vaccine.

Dr. Romero added that the reason why many feel sick after receiving the vaccine is that there are other viruses that could produce similar symptoms.

Also, they can get infected with other viruses that are circulating in cold and flu season right now there’s a large number of regular cold viruses that are circulating that can mimic the flu and aren’t protected against the flu vaccine.

Health experts highly suggest vaccination as the number one form of prevention, hand washing, and if you are presenting cold or flu symptoms to avoid going out to avoid spreading the infection and you should seek medical attention.

Health professionals also said that it’s not too late to receive your flu shot to avoid spreading the virus to persons more susceptible to this infection like children and the elderly.