Claudine Ann Luera’s family describe her as an optimistic person who loved her children and always had a smile on her face. They say they miss her very much.

“My sister was a mother, she was a daughter, she was a sister, she was a friend to many and she will be greatly missed along with the other victims.”

Luera was one of four sisters. Colette Mireles says they would argue like most siblings do, but would always make sure to tell each other they loved one another.

The 42-year-old leaves behind five children, including twins with autism. Colette recalls the last conversation she had with her sister.

“She was just overly excited and proud that her son was mainstreaming and she was excited that he called her to tell her that he was taking his girlfriend Casey to prom. She was just like ‘papi, that is awesome. I love you, you are in regular classes.’ We ended our call ‘okay¬†manita, love you, call me soon.”’

Family members say they don’t understand why Juan David Ortiz, the border patrol supervisor, committed these crimes. They clarify they don’t judge the agency for his actions, adding that they hope justice is served in this case.

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