A Laredo family is filing a lawsuit against Webb County after their son allegedly died at the county jail.

According to the family’s attorney, Mario Andrade Jr. died of Sepsis in the county jail, while being held for 55 hours.
According to the family, the 30-year-old was arrest on November 20th, 2015 for robbery.
Shortly after, Andrade died of sepsis or harmful bacteria that is caught through an infection in a wound but can be easily treated.
Webb County Jail officials say Andrade did not tell authorities of his condition when he arrived.
Andrade’s parents’ Irene Herrera and Mario Andrade Sr. filed the suit against Webb County for alleged violation of Andrade’s constitutional rights to reasonable care guaranteed by the 14th amendment.
Dean Malone, the family’s attorney says, “We filed a federal lawsuit. Everybody has a right to reasonable medical care. Mario had not been convicted of anything.”  The suit is pending in U.S district court for the southern district of Texas, Laredo Division.