This morning, Laredo’s law enforcement agencies gathered to honor their colleagues who risked their lives for the community
For Gaby Medina, this was her first time attending the event. Her father is a sergeant with Laredo Police and tells Fox News why this is important to her.
“When my dad leaves for work, I do worry for him on a daily basis and that’s why I’m here. As well, this is a chance for these families to say goodbye one last time and I think this is why it’s a special ceremony, not just for them, but the police officers and other law enforcement, to be here for support.”
During the ceremony, officers recalled the month of June in 2017 when a shooting between a man and Laredo Police left three officers injured, one in critical condition.
“Luckily all three of them are still here with us, but there’s some police agencies that are not so lucky. We received overwhelming support from the community, from not here but all over the United States, prayers and all these things help quite a bit in the recovery process.”
To honor the fallen, each law enforcement agency called out the name of an agent, followed by a “present sir.”
“It’s a symbolism to not just the family, but members of the community that they are never forgotten they are always here for us. We keep them in our hearts, we keep them in our minds, every day as we continue to go out and do our job.”
The ceremony ended with a gun salute and by placing a wreath at the center of Jarvis Plaza among the names of fallen officers.
National police week events will continue throughout this week to honor the men and women in uniform.