According to officials, Facebook is now trending for criminals to take advantage of citizens by asking for their personal information when registering for giveaways among other things.

In the past few weeks, there has been an increase of pages that offer free psychic readings, all one has to do is follow a few steps.

“They’ll tell you your future they’ll let you know whats going to happen in the future but you have to pay for that there’s always a fee. Don’t fall for that one.”

These pages are seen throughout the facebook market. Edinburg police officer Noe Ponce says residents should be cautious when providing their personal information to strangers online, such as their social security, date of birth, address or telephone number.

“The second one is that you won something or an amount of money or prize but they need your information. They need your name so they can know who they are talking to the address where they know where to send the prize the money”

Social media user Esmeralda Cardenas tells us how she almost fell victim to fraud after she provided a website her personal information.

“They tell you different things about your specific zodiac sign and they even offer a $59.99 subscription with continuous information on the same topic regarding your future readings.

With the holiday season approaching, officials want to inform the community to be extra cautious with online and when it comes to answering phone calls.