Experts Urge Action In Cases of Child Abuse

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Harlingen (KFXV) — Authorities continue to investigate the death of a two-year-old.

We spoke to authorities and children advocates who say all types of abuse must be reported.

Experts say there’s a lot of stigma in our community attached to reporting child abuse but, doing so could potentially save their life.

Children’s advocates say these are just some examples of neglect a child may experience, which can negatively impact their lives. Neglect is also considered a type of abuse and like any abuse may be life-threatening. Just last month, Harlingen police responded to reports of an unconscious child near the 1800 block of South 3rd Street.

The two-year-old girl was immediately transported to the hospital where she passed away.

27-year-old, Samantha Lee Gonzalez turned herself in to authorities last week. Gonzalez was charged for the negligent homicide of her 2-year-old daughter.

Authorities say we are legally obligated to report the abuse of a child, but more importantly – it could prevent a tragedy.

Experts Urge Action In Cases of Child Abuse

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