SPI (KFXV) — Spring break is off and running on South Padre Island, with thousands invading the island from across the nation. With the surge comes state, local and federal law enforcement agencies coming together to keep a close eye, day and night.

In a story you’ll only see on FOX, we join police – as the week long celebration begins.

While many spring breakers continue arriving to South Padre Island, the first weekend kicked off with 110 arrests– most of these for public intoxication.

Fox Cameras were rolling as this man was found lying on the side of Padre Boulevard.
A couple of blocks from that location– Clayton’s Beach Bar– one of the most popular areas in South Padre Island.

Medical tents like these are placed in two of the most popular areas, for spring breakers.

Public intoxication is the most common offense during this time but local, state and federal agencies are on standby for any other crimes that may occur.

Like this man, placed in custody after a traffic stop.

With more than 10,000 incoming vehicles to SPI reported just on Sunday night, officials are preparing to receive more spring breakers during the following days.