EDCOUCH (KFXV) — A Fox News Investigation: Tonight we have confirmed the arrest of a former Edcouch Municipal Judge, Daniel Guzmán.

He remains in federal custody tonight on drug-related charges. It’s a story you’ll only see here on Fox.

Daniel Guzman, II who took over as Alderman for the city of Edcouch in 2013 is behind bars tonight in Montgomery, Alabama on drug-related charges.

As part of an investigation by Fox News, we were able to confirm the arrest of Guzman through the district attorney’s office in Alabama.
After a joint investigation by the DEA offices in McAllen and Alabama, he was apprehended on February 15th while traveling with an individual identified as Martin Camarillo, Jr.

According to court documents, they were trying to sell 30 kilos of cocaine to undercover agents for more than $32,000 but, Camarillo became suspicious and broke the deal.

Authorities however, located their vehicle and tried making a traffic stop after they were found driving 11 miles over the speed limit.

Before making a complete stop, officers observed the passenger throwing a package–holding the cocaine out of the car.

Both Camarrillo, Jr. and Guzman are facing one count of possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute.

A third person mentioned in the official documents, has not been identified.

Guzman’s family declined to comment as they were unaware of his arrest. Now, he is expected to be in court tomorrow.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments.