Alex Aranda, a war veteran that suffers from PTSD, says his dog Weezl was stolen from his backyard last Wednesday. He’s now asking the community to help him find his service pet.

“He’s small like a little cocker spaniel mix. Frizzy hair, he has yelling eyes, short, real playful, real friendly and frizzy hair.”

The 49-year-old tells Fox News Weezl has been missing for a week. He says his mother was dog sitting him because he was out of town receiving medical attention.

“I had left town to seek help at the hospital in San Antonio for veterans and when I came back he was gone and they broke into the back of my yard, trashed my shed and I found out he was gone.”

Aranda adds that apart from PTSD, he has other health-related problems. He says Weezl helps him cope with these issues.

“He’ll sit down and watch tv with me when my PTSD acts up. He’ll come sit next to me. He’ll just come lay next to me when I’m stressing out. He’ll come lay next to me, sit with me, just emotional support and that helps me out a lot.”

The veteran says he has been passing out flyers and putting them at businesses across town. He has also reached out to officials who told him they would look out for him while patrolling the streets.

If you have any information on where Weezl may be, contact the Pharr Police Department at (956) 402-4700.