HIDALGO COUNTY (KFXV) — The victim found with several articles of clothing and even a tattoo that authorities are hoping will help identify him.
Hidalgo County Sheriff deputies and Alamo firefighters responded to the Rio Grande River Tuesday to extract a man from the water. This the first case of 2017 of someone found lifeless in the river dividing the U.S. and Mexico.
“The body was eventually recovered from the water and upon examination, our investigators determined the approximate age of the deceased was between 30 to 40 years old,” said Sgt. JP Rodriguez, of the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department.
Sergeant Rodriguez adds, that despite the body’s decomposition, it showed signs of injuries to the head, authorities releasing images of what the victim was wearing in an effort to identify him. Including a photo of a ribbon with three letters tattooed on the right chest area — approximately five inches in length. Being found in the river, officials say, does not rule out the possibility of it being an immigrant.
“Any time we have a body that’s recovered from the river, it’s automatically one of the steps to notify the consulates to see if they have any missing person reports,” added the sergeant.
At this moment, police have ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
If you have any information that can help authorities identify this person, you can call (956) 668-8477.