Defend Yourself Against Racial Conflicts

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(RGV) — Multiple publications have surfaced on social media–especially from people publishing negative encounters after Tuesday’s election results.

“Go back where you came from.” or “Your time is up girly.” are some of the phrases seen on social media of incidents happening at gas stations, buses or simply walking down the street.

Doctor Usman, Sheriff Cardiologist in the valley and part of the Muslim American community says these acts of violence are against everything America stands for.

Angelica Esparza is also no stranger to the recent posts of attacks after the presidential elections.

We reached out to authorities on what you should do if confronted in a violent manner:

Head to a public and crowded place
Try to drive to your nearest police department
Document the incident with your cellphone
Do not react with more violence.

Remember it is your right to file a police report if you feel it merits one.

Defend Yourself Against Racial Conflicts

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