Congressman Vicente Gonzalez is continuing his efforts in bringing more security for Mexican tourists who come to the US.

In his twitter page congressman, Vicente Gonzalez posted a statement saying

“The single greatest threat to trade and prosperity with Mexico is not the environment, labor agriculture or prescription drug pricing, it’s insecurity.”

It’s time to wake up and do something about it, together.

After being questioned about Gonzales’s comments, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador responded by acknowledging the congressman’s efforts as well as addressing his relationship with the United States.

“His opinion is respected, we have a good relationship with the united states government, we are working alongside, but we believe that for this issue, it corresponds to the Mexican government to attend it.”

Vicente Gonzalez says that the economy depends on tourism and commerce with Mexico, and feels that securing pathways like highway 40 is a top priority.

“I hope to see a complete safe zone from Monterrey to Mcallen and going both ways so that we can travel to Monterrey like we did 12 14 15 years ago and they can come here and continue to invest and come shopping”

For some valley residents like Mariana Ortiz, traveling to Mexico is a very risky journey and she hopes measures like these will make it easier to travel in the future.

My parents don’t feel safe because of everything that is said and shared on the internet, facebook.

Gonzalez says he will continue his efforts to collaborate with Mexican authorities to help boost commerce between both countries.