Texas civil rights organization is launching a campaign for informing border landowners who could be affected by the border wall about their rights.

This campaign stems from president Trump’s executive order which would require building a bigger border wall.

“They have the right to be paid just compensation from the government. In addition, our litigation campaign entails representing as many of these land owners as possible and fighting against the government to make sure the government is complying with all the requirements.” – Efren Olivares

However attorney Efren Olivares with the Texas civil rights organization says there are still cases pending from 2008 where residents and never received compensation.

Like San Benito resident Margarita Garcia who until yesterday still receives documents about her property.

“They just asked permission to come into our property but we didn’t know anything.” – Margarita Garcia

Despite the government be required to send out a notification about the construction of the wall, Garcia says she was never notified.

“They didn’t tell us anything. They just started the construction by the canal and they built the wall.”

All the residents in that same area told Fox, they weren’t notified either. If President Trump’s plan to build the wall continues an estimated 150 Hidalgo county landowners and more than 300 in Cameron County could be affected.

Experts say, if the money isn’t matching property value, it could be debated in court.

“It would be a jury made up of residents of Hidalgo County or Cameron County deciding each case” – Efren Olivares

Meanwhile, Trump recently spoke out about shutting the government down if Congress refuses to fund the border wall. State representative Henry Cuellar releasing the following statements that reads in part:

“Now that he is facing bipartisan opposition to this irresponsible plan, he wants to punish the American People by shutting down the government. President Trump should be leading the nation and encouraging investment in border security measures that actually work.” – Henry Cuellar

If you or anyone you know, owns land along the border and may want to be legally represented or have any questions about this topic you can call 956-787-8171 extension 121.