According to the national fire protection association out of the 354 thousand fires that happen in the u.S. Each year. 780 are caused by Christmas decorations.

“Yes, I make sure that all of the bulbs are working, and that I lined the off so that they’re straight and that there are no knots in the line.”

This is just one recommendation people have about decorating their homes with Christmas lights.

“We recommend is that you take your lights to check the wires make sure that there’s no exposed wire, no burned area on the wire. If you’re using them for outdoor use, make sure they’re rated for outdoor use.”

Chief Scott adds that the lights used to decorate the outside of your home, should be water-resistant and have a wattage of 175. He also states that if you see a damaged wire, you should replace them.

“Nothing exposed and if there is, throw it away and buy a new set. The lights are inexpensive and the led lights make multiple colors.”

Other tips are:

  • If you live in a mobile home, never put your tree on top of your ac/ heater vents.
  • Remember not to overpower your wall sockets inside and outside your home.
  • Turn off your lights before bed and as soon as you leave home.
  • If you buy an artificial tree make sure it’s fire-resistant.