The purpose of this training derives from the need for cooperation between Central American countries to put an end to the wave of illegal immigration.
Vice ministers and consular officials from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador gathered in McAllen today, a result of the multiple visits and exchanges in the last few months between Central American officials with the united states for the purpose of addressing the influx of undocumented immigrants from such countries.
The meeting came about after a summit in Central America last week where plain international, an organization that works to protect children’s rights, seeked to teach officials from each of these nations at once about immigration procedures.
According to the vice-chancellor, about 240 family groups and 90 unaccompanied children cross the border illegally every day, a similar statistic for neighboring countries.
Both officials admit they are in need of such training in order to help speed consular services to remove immigrants from detention centers to the shelters quicker.
Today, presidents from these countries met with President Obama to address the same issues, which officials claim requires everyone involved to do their part.
The Central American delegations will remain in the Valley throughout the weekend before continuing their tour at other border destinations.