The city of Mission and Donna have received letters from U.S. Customs and Border Protection asking to survey land for the construction and expansion of the border wall. A local chapel is among the properties the government has requested access.
Among the letter obtained by Fox News, CBP is asking for access to certain properties for a total of 18 months.
Donna officials have confirmed they have authorized access to these lands, but the city of Mission has yet to grant access.
Signing this letter will authorize the government to enter, exit, and survey the lands at any point within these 18 months.
Officials can also store, move, and remove necessary equipment and supplies while work is completed.
As for the city of Mission, CBP is requesting permission to enter the land where the chapel sits. The Diocese of Brownsville, as the owner of the chapel, is in charge of granting permission.
The chapel’s pastor tells us this church is of much significance to the community.
“I really hope we can come to a compromise and the wall can maybe be kept out so that people can continue to come.”
The Diocese of Brownsville has confirmed they received the letter and their attorneys are currently reviewing it.
The chapel’s pastor says he will continue to support the decision to have an open church for the community without the interference of a wall.