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An Angry Vegan Rammed a Chicken Truck

A 26-year-old woman named Judith Armstrong crashed into the side of a truck that was hauling a bunch of chickens near Athens, Georgia last month. Then she rammed it AGAIN when the truck slowed down. So it was intentional. She lost control of her car the second time and spun out. Then she fled the scene . . . but didn’t realize her LICENSE PLATE broke off. So cops found it on the ground, ran the number, and tracked her down at her house. She told them she rammed the truck because she’s vegan, and didn’t like that it...

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Austria: Man tries to enter courthouse with bag of roaches

VIENNA (AP) — Security guards at an Austrian court might need to put up a sign at the screening gate to let the public know about another item prohibited on the premises – cockroaches. State broadcaster ORF said Wednesday that security personnel in the western city of Linz turned away a man a day earlier after he tried to enter the court building with a sack full of the six-legged pests. ORF did not say why the man had the roaches or what he planned to do with...

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Uber Driver boasts cruising through 240 consecutive green lights

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City Uber driver is boasting that he drove through 240 green traffic lights before hitting a red light. Noah Forman achieved the feat during a 27-minute drive through Manhattan that started at around 3:30 a.m. on Dec. 6. Forman recorded his early-morning journey on video . The recording shows him slowing to a crawl on some blocks to avoid hitting a red, and taking numerous turns to avoid having his path forward blocked. "It seems like you go with where the lights take you," Forman told the Daily News. "The minute I...

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Nowhere to mooove: 3 cows stranded by New Zealand earthquake

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Three New Zealand cows looked like they could use a little help Monday after an earthquake triggered landslides all around them and left them stranded on a small island of grass. Video taken by Newshub news service from a helicopter near the small town of Kaikoura shows two adult cattle and a calf stuck on a chunk of land in a paddock that had been ripped apart in Monday’s magnitude-7.8 quake. The patch of grass was surrounded by deep ravines of collapsed earth, trapping the animals where they stood. It was not immediately clear...

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Dead city treasurer wins re-election in California race

OCEANSIDE, Calif. (AP) — Voters in one California city have elected a dead man to office. Official figures show that Oceanside City Treasurer Gary Ernst was re-elected Tuesday even though he died in September. Ernst earned 17,659 votes and beat challenger Nadine Scott by about 6 percentage points. There wasn’t time to remove his name from the ballot after he died from diabetes complications. Since he can’t take office, the City Council can declare the seat vacant and decide to appoint someone to fill out the term or call a special election. A decision could be made next month....

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