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Valley Economy, Where’s The Money?

From the staples of agriculture, to an ever-evolving relationship with our international neighbor, and even looking beyond the skies to other-wordly possibilities. The most southern tip of Texas is having a big imprint on the country. For generations the backdrop of Rio Grande Valley landscape is the infinite lines of crops, that not only feed countless stomachs nationwide,  but nourish our economy. The impact of Valley agriculture production branching out to a nearly $2B industry. But it’s our ports of entry that are the gates to the largest market in the world by road, rail, water, and even pipeline there is...

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Special Report HIV Part 1: The Truth and Misconceptions About HIV

One of the biggest fears that every parent has for their child once they become sexually active is the fear of contracting an std. We’ve all heard the reports, we’ve watched the movies, and yet, for some reason, we still don’t talk about HIV. “HIV is a relatively recently discovered virus. It affects the immune cells of the body. They make the body unable to respond to the virus. And so that means that the virus can go ahead and multiply, and with the immune cells disrupted than that in turn allows the body to become sick with other...

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