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Fox 2 Special Series: Child Support Pt. 2

Deputies from the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office arrested dozens of parents who violated court orders requiring them to pay child support. The sweep was conducted in conjunction with the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division. Sheriff’s office assists in locating and booking suspects, but another challenge emerges when it comes to Delinquent parents arrested on civil warrants face up to six months in jail. It’s not just the mothers, fathers, or children affected by missed child support payments, Texas taxpayer picks up the costs, as well. Prior to this weeks round up there were 73 inmates in custody at...

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Part 2: “Battlefield To Workforce”

Veterans aren’t the only ones spreading the we-need-work message.  In October, 448 thousand people were laid off.   For men of the Iraq and Afghanistan generation, the employment rate was 9.6 percent last month 11.6 percent for women. Younger veterans who enlisted straight from high school and have little or no work history rely on their skills to  apply for certain jobs. “Human resources, clerical jobs, I know we found a few with the county courthouse that fit what I did,” says Clarivel Garza, U.S. army veteran With a family to provide for, Clarivel Garza, an army vet needed to...

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Part 1: “Battlefield To Workforce”

No veteran should have to fight for a job after they fought for our country overseas. In our special report, from battlefield to workforce we discuss the unemployment issue among U.S. soldiers and their transition into civilian life. “I was using a tactical data system to launch long-range missiles. I was also in charge of 7 soldiers,” explains, Benjamin Sandoval, U.S. army veteran Benjamin Sandoval proved himself in a world where stress, danger, and life-and-death decisions were routine. He served our country from 2001 to 2006. An experience that’s still fresh on his mind. “Day to day operations were...

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Special Series, Part 2: Rio Grande Valley Economy

Randy Main, general manager: “We are the world’s leader in manufacturing of candy canes. We produce year-round, six days a week, approximately 35M lbs. a year. Four different families of candy– pure sugar sticks, pure sugar twists, mini canes, and candy canes of a variety of flavors and colors and sizes.”   Dulces Famosos is owned by Ferrera Candy Co., one of the top candy manufacturers in the U.S. Randy Main: “I think the kind of the unique thing about our products is that there’s not a lot of high technology out here. This is pretty much old-time candy...

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Valley Economy, Where’s The Money?

From the staples of agriculture, to an ever-evolving relationship with our international neighbor, and even looking beyond the skies to other-wordly possibilities. The most southern tip of Texas is having a big imprint on the country. For generations the backdrop of Rio Grande Valley landscape is the infinite lines of crops, that not only feed countless stomachs nationwide,  but nourish our economy. The impact of Valley agriculture production branching out to a nearly $2B industry. But it’s our ports of entry that are the gates to the largest market in the world by road, rail, water, and even pipeline there is...

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