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Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Hidalgo County

In Hidalgo County, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month to bring attention to the fact that sexual violence is real, traumatic and occurring. According to the Children’s Advocacy Center, last year in Texas, 43,000 cases of abuse reported. In Hidalgo County almost 1,300. 75% of those were underage sexually abused victims. “We want to make sure that you help us as well by putting out the message to tell victims not to be afraid. Those victims need to know the different resources that are available, not only here in our office but all over the county.” DA Ricardo Rodriguez...

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Valley Counties under Quarantine for “Mexican Fruit Fly”

An infestation in several Texas counties has affected some produce owners as different areas throughout the state are under quarantine. Hidalgo Cameron and Willacy counties are under Mexican fruit fly quarantine which could cause an economic loss affecting more than 40 different kinds of fruits. According to the Texas Department of Agriculture each year the pest enter’s the Rio Grande Valley damaging thousands of commercial Citrus crops. “Mexican fruit flies not native to the United States so whenever it’s detected, it’s a concern for us because it affects the fruits on the citrus trees. “ – Joseph Ramirez While...

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Assault against border patrol agents on the rise; 179% increase since October

Along the US-Mexico border border patrol agents report assaults on agents have increased dramatically this year. Assault against border patrol agents are on the rise with a 179% increase since October. Risks On the Border increase with heavy human and drug trafficking assaults are now more than ever complicating the jobs of agents attacks including the use of weapons in close quarter combat. “The last couple of weeks we’ve had incidents of rock throwing and of course we’ve had agents with been fired upon from the Mexican side.” – Marlen Castro Those most likely to be targeted are usually...

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South Texas All Hazards Conference Underway

Agencies from across the Rio Grande Valley gather today for the two-day South Texas All Hazards conference. What started as a hurricane conference and training for emergencies Beyond natural disasters. Thousands of people are expected to gather in McAllen convention center for the 5th annual South Texas all-hazards conference. This two-day event give the Emergency Services personnel and opportunity to learn Vital Information that will help them become more prepared to respond to all kinds of emergencies. The conference addresses the evolution of emergency preparedness and with constant change as a technology it to men’s agencies continue to train...

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Spring Break Undercover Operations Crack Down on Underage Alcohol Sales

As spring break gets underway across Texas, Agents from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission will  be conducting a series of undercover operations intended to curtail sales of alcohol to persons under 21. These “minor stings” – will take place over the next two weeks at retailers located along popular travel corridors between major Texas cities and the Gulf Coast. Undercover TABC agents will accompany a minor-aged volunteer who will attempt to purchase alcohol. Retailers who sell alcohol to the underage person could face administrative action by the TABC. The stings will take place at establishments which sell alcohol for on-premise...

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