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No Justice Yet for San Fernando Massacre of 72 immigrants

7 years ago a group of 72 immigrants making their way into the united states were found dead in northern Tamaulipas to this day no arrests have been made in the case would you warn you that the images you are about to see are graphic. August 22nd 2010 the immigrants were found in a warehouse outside of the city of San Fernando. 58 men and 14 women were among the victims, most of them from central american countries. Each individual had their hands tied and a gunshot wound to the head. At the time of the massacre, a...

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16 Year Anniversary of the Queen Isabella Causeway Collapse

16 years ago today South Padre Island’s Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway collapsed on the night of September 15th 2001 Killing eight people when they plunged from the roadway 80 feet below into the bay. Witnesses watched as two 80 foot slabs of the causeway plummeted into the Laguna Madre bay along with a trail of cars and their passengers. Those killed were: Robert Harris, 46, Hector Martinez, 32, “Harpoon” Barry Welch, 53, Chelsea Welch, 23, all of Port Isabel; Julio Mireles, 23, of Los Fresnos; Robin Leavell, 29, of Mercedes; Stevan Rivas, 22, of Humble, Aspar Hinojosa, 52, of...

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Hurricane Harvey Donations Delivered!

Our first trailer has made it to Pearland Texas and has delivered your donations at the Crossroad Community Church. Here are some photos. A very special thank you to all Fox viewers who participated and donated their time and money to get these badly needed supplies to those who need them. This is Crossroad Community Church in Pearland Texas!! This is Crossroad Community Church in Pearland Texas!! This is Crossroad Community Church in Pearland Texas!! This is Crossroad Community Church in Pearland Texas!! This is Crossroad Community Church in Pearland Texas!! Thank you to our amazing viewers, listeners and...

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Fox News South Texas kicked off day one  of our four day supply drive to help victims of Hurricane Harvey

But we still need your help to make it possible.  Our goal is to fill up a trailer with items needed to assist those affected in the coastal region.  We are accepting donations including: Non-perishable easy open food items, baby and adult diapers, baby food, hygiene and feminine products, and pet food.   You can stop by from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday of next week outside our studios located at 801 North Jackson Road in...

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Representative Raymond speaks about Repair Costs from Hurricane Damages

Representative Richard Raymond spoke with several media outlets in Laredo today in regards to the estimated cost of repairs around cities in Texas that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. This morning representative richard Raymond visited Laredo to address the topic of Hurricane Harvey and the damages occurring around Texas. The representative spoke about the estimate cost of repairs, and what he believed the best options would be in order to help anyone affected. Several areas along the Texas Gulf Coast were affected and were with left with no internet or phone service, running water, or electricity. Thousands have been...

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