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Make Your Garden Work This Fall and Winter

We’ve got the rundown on fall and winter crops The days feel like they’re getting shorter by the minute (which, technically, they are), and the garden seems to be backsliding into laziness; with the exception of some squash, most of the beds are empty and crops are living out the last of their days. Does that really mean you have to spend the next four to six months buying produce from the store? Nuh-uh. There are tons of things you can grow in the fall and winter to keep up a source of fresh, homegrown goodies. Kale Okay, I get it,...

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Light Up Your Yard for Fall

Fall foliage is super-glam! One of my strongest memories of the East Coast during my time at college there is of everything turning gold, orange, and deep red in the fall as the trees and shrubs prepared to drop their leaves for winter. We get some of that color here in Northern California: the grape vines change with the seasons, and in the inland parts of the state flares of color light up the hills between the evergreens, but some of the best fall color is found in people’s yards. No matter where you live, you can turn your yard into...

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