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Guide to Mounting Your Flat Screen TV

  In the old days, it was easy. When your grandparents bought a TV, it came with its own little Mid-Century Modern stand. They could even roll the whole deal from one spot to another if they chose. But nowadays, televisions are no longer just a piece of furniture. No, plasma, LED, and LCD TVs are huge and hungry for space. (The largest to date is Panasonic’s gargantuan 152-inch flat screen.) How to mount your new flat panel TV in the best spot? Use our handy guide. Heat An extremely common location to hang a television is over the fireplace. While that may...

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Popsicle Stick Projects Are Not Just for Kids

Somehow it’s like asking which is your favorite part of an Oreo — the chocolate cookie layers or the white stuff in the middle. Popsicles have long been a childhood favorite, but whether you like them better for the frozen sugar water part or for the wooden stick depends on your POV. “Who would prefer the stick?” you might ask. Why, crafters and hobbyists, of course. Those flat sturdy sticks are perfect for building all manner of interesting things. But you don’t have to wait for a long hot summer and slowly save them up. Instead, you can purchase...

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End Tables Add the Perfect Finishing Touch to a Room

End tables are very much in fashion at the moment. (Were they ever really out?) Available in a multitude of shapes and sizes, these practical little tables are perfect for adding just the right finishing touch to your family room, den, bedside, or almost anywhere in your home. It’s easy to stamp them with your own personal “signature,” too, whether you are working with a new table, a thrift store purchase, or even a roadside find which you’d like to upcycle. Check out these ideas. Repaint A tried and true inexpensive mini home remodel is to paint one or...

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Save Energy at Home these 8 Painless Ways

  There’s a new resolution in town. Americans still see losing weight, spending less, and (finally!) getting organized as top goals, but these days we’re adding a new ambition: “Save energy.” However, we are often unsure how to accomplish this without biting the bullet and giving up the comfortable lifestyle we’re used to. So how to get started? Try these 8 painless energy-saving tips. Set up a programmable thermostat. Once it’s up on your wall, you just need to literally “set it and forget it” to enjoy the benefits of energy savings on an ongoing basis. The thermostat will...

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Kitchen and Laundry Appliances: What’s New Right Now?

  Make “hub,” not “hubbub,” the word that best describes your kitchen this year. The latest appliances for cooking and washing offer clever features to make life a little easier, less frantic, and quieter. For example, the soft close cabinet trend is spreading to include appliances as well, and black is … well … the new black, replacing fingerprint-prone stainless steel. The increasing focus on ergonomic and energy-efficient design is healthier for you and for the planet. Above and beyond, here are some of the outstanding innovations in kitchen and laundry appliances right now. Oh, Those Ovens There’s a new...

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