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Heat Your Home Addition with Electricity

  Adding a room to your home may be a dream come true … but trying to heat that same room can turn into a nightmare. You might or might not be able to hook up the newly added room to your current heating system with the help of round flexible ducting (you’ll need to install a wall vent in the home addition, of course). Even if you succeed, however, you could well find your furnace is inadequate to handle the increased demand. This problem is difficult to resolve short of buying a new furnace. So how about heating the new addition to your home with...

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The Ultimate Green Moving Guide

  Yes, it’s true. Pulling up stakes and moving is an awful lot of work. No matter how much you are looking forward to life in your new home, change is difficult and stressful. That doesn’t mean you should forget about your green goals, though. Minimizing the wear and tear on our planet when you move is really not so hard. Just follow some — or all — of these 10 tips for an eco-friendly move. Choose a green new home. There are so many environmentally friendly angles to focus on when selecting a new place to live. Perhaps...

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Remodel Your Only Bathroom: Maximum Gain, Minimum Pain

    Remodeling any part of your house has a well-deserved reputation as … shall we say … one of life’s more stressful experiences. This is especially true of a bathroom remodel, which demands a high degree of skill in a limited amount of space. And when the bathroom you’re making over is the only one in your home, it’s all the more nerve-racking. Here are our suggestions for getting the most out of the experience, while minimizing the disruption to your household. Choose the right remodeler. You’ll want have the job completed quicklyand professionally, so drop the idea of...

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Plan the Perfect Patio: What You Must Know

Yes, the warm weather will return … eventually. And in the meantime, you can keep yourself busy and happy dreaming of balmy days and evenings outdoors. If your summer vacation plans include a new patio, do your homework now. That way, you’ll be prepared with all the facts you need when it comes time to start the actual construction. Check out this must-know list of patio building basics. Location, Location, Location Here’s how to pick the perfect place for a patio: Give careful thought to what you and your family want most when it comes to open air living....

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How to Keep Your Home Warm When It’s C-C-Cold Outside

  Freezing weather outdoors … cozy and warm inside your home. For many folks, that’s a picture of the ideal winter conditions. Cranking up the furnace is one possible way to get that comfort you crave, but the cost, in terms of environmental impact and astronomical energy expense, is out of the question. There are plenty of simple ways, though, that you can stay pleasantly warm indoors while still being energy- and pennywise. Weatherproof your garage doors. If your garage serves as anything besides just a place to park your car — crafts room, office, or just general man...

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