BROWNSVILLE (KFXV) — After almost two years, a trial against Jorge Alberto Guajardo, who’s accused of taking part in a gang related murder that ended the life of a Brownsville teen, begins.
After several hours, the jury heard testimonies from witnesses involved in the incident.
Testimonies begin Tuesday in the trial of Jorge Alberto Guajardo, who is accused as the driver in the shooting death of a Javier Olmedo, a Brownsville teen, nearly two years ago.
One of the first witnesses was 18-year-old, Angel Martinez, who explained how he was was in company of those involved a few hours prior to the incident.
According to court documents, in January, Rolando Rene Rodriguez, a member of the Tri-City Bombers confessed to pulling trigger that ended Olmedo’s life; however, Guajardo argues that Rodriguez threatened him with a gun, demanding he drive the vehicle involved.
Guajardo opted to take his chances with a trial jury to show even though he admits being present — he was not responsible for the murder.
Jorge Alberto Guajardo is expected to give his own testimony in the following days.