Border Patrol Considering Relaxing Hiring Exams for Agents

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UNITED STATES (KFXV) — Leaked documents from the Department of Homeland Security show the agency is considering cutting some entrance exams.Β  This to speed up hiring more border patrol agents.


Fox News went directly to the Border Patrol Union Spokesperson to get his take on these “possible” changes.


The documents show that DHS is “considering” ending polygraph and the Spanish language test to speed up the hiring process for Border Patrol agents.


Possible changes to Border Patrol’s hiring methods– that’s what this leaked report, obtained by the ‘Washington Post’ shows.

Border Patrol Council Member, Chris Cabrera agrees some current tests are unnecessary.


On the other hand – immigration attorneys are concerned this could lead to a violation of immigrants’ rights.


Other possible – detailed in the report – site – ending a second physical fitness test as well as removing the Spanish language proficiency test.


In the document, DHS argues few applicants fail the entrance exams solely because of these tests and went on to note – that little risk would be associated if a decision is made to cancel these entrance exams.


CBP says they hope to continue using a new expedited hiring process which has shown the ability to hire applicants in an average time of as low as 160 days.


While an executive order from President Trump – specifies the hiring of 5,000 Border Patrol agents, the documents sites –Β  the importance for more CBP officers at ports of entry.

Border Patrol Considering Relaxing Hiring Exams for Agents

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