Falfurrias, Texas — On Friday, June 7, agents rescued several undocumented immigrants that were suffering from extreme dehydration.

According to Border Patrol, after patrolling the ranchlands they found tracks leading to a large group of individuals.

“Our agents started to track and they encountered 10 illegal aliens inside a group. As they started to evaluate the individuals, they found that four of those illegal aliens were in very bad shape. They were severely dehydrated and needed assistance immediately.”

The agent adds the individuals couldn’t walk on their own and one had to be carried.

“They had to carry them to the closest road where border patrol EMTs could reach them to provide medical treatment.”

In this particular case, agents were out in the field in full uniform assisting the immigrants, regardless of the heat advisory.

“It is one of those things that border patrol agents do daily. They are used to going out there and working in inclement weather but in situations like this where people are putting their lives needlessly in danger, our agents are out there trying to do these things and save lives by risking their own lives.”

Officials do not encourage anyone to cross into the country illegally. They say that in many cases smugglers will abandon people in the middle of the river, fields or ranchlands and leave them to fend for themselves.

Border Patrol agents want to inform the community that if they see any suspicious activity in the area to report it to officials.