Shocking details have emerged regarding the murder case in which a woman and her son were allegedly killed by a border patrol agent in Laredo. Family members of Grizelda Hernandez and Domnick Alexander spoke for the first time to Fox News, telling us their one request to law enforcement.
“We are pursuing, we are hoping to receive the death penalty, in this case, being that the grievance of what he did. He murdered my nephew, his own son, cold-blooded and my sister as well, even the death penalty it will never be justice.”
The hearing continued this morning for Ronald Anthony Burgos Aviles, whose attorney is requesting to have him released on bond.
A border patrol agent took the stand today describing the moment he saw the bodies of the victims. Bradley Dennison said him and another agent saw splattered blood around the body of Grizelda Hernandez. He added that about 20 yards, he found the body of a child who had cuts on his left side of the neck and had his pants covered in blood. Dennison said that at the scene, he noticed Burgos Aviles disturbed a rock that had blood stains and stepped in the blood splatter, adding that the amount of blood found at the scene was excessive.
Another witness who took the stand, a Laredo PD detective, said Grizelda Hernandez was stabbed approximately 30 times in the neck area, behind the head and shoulder. Dominick Alexander was stabbed in the neck and heart. Burgos Aviles’ attorney, Silverio Martinez, maintains his client’s innocence.
“As of now, we haven’t had the opportunity to see any of the evidence we haven’t had our opportunity to do our own investigation everything going out to the public is simple accusations at this particular point in time.”
But district attorney “Chilo” Alaniz hopes the judge will deny Burgos Aviles’ bond for this reason.
“Mr. Burgos will be found, can be found, guilty of this homicide with the type of evidence that we have. Mr, Burgos presents a future danger and a jury can sentence him to death.”
UPDATE: Bond for Ronald Anthony Burgos Aviles has been denied.