The Better Business Bureau is urging the community to be on the lookout for disaster relief scammers.
“As far as I know FEMA and the other disaster assistance offices are not open yet.”
In reference to last weeks flood, Robert Obregon, project corridor for the Better Business Bureau tells Fox News his office has already received calls about individuals posing as disaster relief inspectors.
“This is what I call a great opportunity for scammers to harvest private information on people. They are going door to door on the flooded areas asking them for their names social security numbers.”
Obregon added that your private information is something you shouldn’t provide to a total stranger.
“If you’re going to identify yourself to anyone you have every right to ask him for his identity.”
Obregon says if you are in need of assistance there’s going to be a lot of paperwork to fill out but your private information is not required.
“And afterward when your insurance and your public assistance agencies start taking action then you will need to identify yourself properly.”
The information you provide to these scammers can be used to commit identity theft, that is why you should never give out your name, social security number or credit card information.
If you think you gave your personal information to the wrong people report it to authorities or contact the BBB at (956) 969-1804.