Sullivan city, Texas — Many homes can be seen with Christmas decorations – from colorful light displays to massive inflatables. However, every year thieves happen to get their hands on them…

Officials are searching for a male suspect who can be seen in this surveillance video — taking LED projector lights from a home.

The man was riding a bicycle near the house – he stops by the gate and enters the property. He puts on his hoodie walks towards the projector – disconnects it, picks it up and then takes off running towards his bike – -leaving the location.

“What we have on video it happened sometime saturday night into Sunday morning is a heavy set individual in a bicycle that approaches the residence and actually takes two of the projector led lights and rushes off on the bicycle”

According to chief Ozuna, the theft happened at a residence located on Gardenia Street.

The homeowner tells us she has three children, she decorated their front yard so that they could have Christmas decoration to enjoy this holidays season,

“I am now scared today was a projector maybe tomorrow one of the inflatables so I am frightened that it could happen again”

The suspect was wearing shorts and a hoodie, he appears to be around 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs approximately 230 pounds.

“You can see a description of him, he was wearing shorts a big jacket and he was chubby he wasn’t slim so hopefully that could be a more accurate description of him so people might know”

The chief wants to encourage residents to place a unique mark on their decorations to make it easier to identify in case they happen to be taken from their yards. Authorities are also reminding the community to report any suspicious activity.

Officials are now searching for the suspect captured on video. Anyone with information on his identity or whereabouts can contact the Sullivan city police department at 485-2828..

Authorities Search for Christmas Decoration Thief 1