Author: Alexia Chavero

Report: Nearly 400 Gang Members Arrested Across Country

U.S (KFXV) — New reports indicate the number of people crossing over illegally into the U.S. is slowing down. The focus now turns to eradicating gangs across the U.S — like the, MS-13. Trump thanked several law enforcement agencies for the arrest of nearly 400 gang members in the country. Five months after the start of Trump’s term as President of the United States, hundreds of gang members were processed and transported to El Salvador, most are reported to be part of MS-13 a transnational street gang. White house officials explain the number of people crossing the border illegally...

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Mother’s Recounts Tale of Daughter’s Injury While Crossing Border

RGV (KFXV) — We begin tonight with a local story that’s gone international. A mother’s testimony reveal the story of her 4 year old daughter being shot while trying to to cross the border to the united states for a chance at a better life. The girl was rescued and cared for here in the Rio Grande Valley. Now her story is being heard around the world in hope that what happened to her won’t happen to anyone else with the same dream. In tears and remembering the still very vivid images of that day this immigrant mother from...

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