Laredo, Texas — 60-year-old Eugenio Cruz was arrested on Sunday at the Colombia solidarity bridge after officers discovered he had an outstanding warrant for child fondling out of Harris county.

The second detention happened Saturday at the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge. CBP officers arrested 71-year-old Jose Ruiz Gallegos who had an outstanding warrant for indecency with a child by sexual contact also from Harris county.

“Both these cases CBP officers verified the identity and the citizenship of the individuals,m they verified they had outstanding arrest warrants and that they were the subjects of those arrest warrants”

Rick Souza – CBP PIO

CBP says the national crime information center is a centralized automated database designed to share information with other law enforcement agencies, including outstanding warrants, for a wide range of offenses, this includes homicide, robbery, sexual child abuse, and other charges.

“Apprehensions like this where you are talking about sex crimes against children, its part of the work of CBP officers to secure the border and keep the community safe”

Rick Souza – CBP PIO

Federal authorities say they had heavy traffic due to Dia de Los Muertos, but stay committed to properly verifying paperwork in an effort to keep crime out of Laredo.