Today authorities were still at the scene of the incident investigating exactly why feared for their lives. Fox News was able to speak to neighborsArrest Made In Brownsville Shooting 1 about their safety concerns.
It was around three-thirty yesterday when police were conducting an auto theft investigation on Autumn Sage Drive. Officers then observed the stolen car at which point the 20-year-old suspect known as Juan Armando Mendez Jr. disobeyed the orders of the authorities, and attempted to run them over hitting 2 unmarked police units prompting them to fire their weapon.
This prompted a nearby high school to proceed with lockdown procedures, a neighbor who also wished to remain anonymous spoke to our cameras on how she felt knowing her child was at that school. Yesterday evening detectives detained Mendez with the assistance of the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office. He was taken to a local hospital and was medically cleared for a minor gunshot wound to his left leg. Mendez was charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, 1 count of evading arrest, 2 counts of auto theft, and 1 count of burglary of a vehicle. Mendez is pending further charges of burglary. The case remains under investigation.