Palm Valley Animal Center has issued a code red as it is in critical need to house animals. The center is currently receiving on average 120 animals per day. The problem right now above anything is the amount of cats in the shelter.
Palm Valley is seeing an increase in the rates at which cats are being brought in to the center. Community members are bringing in kittens anywhere from weeks old to newborns without their mother. This implicates the center will have to devote more resources to bottle-feeding the kittens when it’s at capacity.
Palm Valley has a recommendation.
“You should wait and see if the cats have a mom who might be out for a couple of hours looking for shelter or food.”
According to the center, if you are bringing in kittens, it’s best to bring them along with their mother as otherwise, it can create an even bigger problem.
“We are creating a situation in which we are speeding up the length of time where the cat will be in heat. She has no kittens so she will reproduce more.”
According to Palm Valley, the number of incoming animals has been on the rise and the center has been forced to find other solutions such as sending kittens to other shelters with capacity outside of Texas.
“We are preparing to receive more this week. People outside should realize we need help.”
The center has reduced the adoption cost to ten dollars to encourage community members to foster and adopt in hopes of solving the problem.