An Angry Vegan Rammed a Chicken Truck

An Angry Vegan Rammed a Chicken Truck

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A 26-year-old woman named Judith Armstrong crashed into the side of a truck that was hauling a bunch of chickens near Athens, Georgia last month. Then she rammed it AGAIN when the truck slowed down. So it was intentional.

She lost control of her car the second time and spun out. Then she fled the scene . . . but didn’t realize her LICENSE PLATE broke off. So cops found it on the ground, ran the number, and tracked her down at her house.

She told them she rammed the truck because she’s vegan, and didn’t like that it was hauling chickens. Which seems like a TERRIBLE idea when you’re concerned about animal welfare. She also said she drove off because she was worried she might lose her license. (Like a . . . oh I don’t know . . . chicken?)

She ended up getting a DUI. So she’d been drinking, or she was on drugs. (Fun fact: Most types of liquor ARE vegan-friendly. Most types of beer and wine aren’t.)

She’s also facing charges for hit-and-run, obstruction, and aggressive driving. No chickens were hurt in the accident, but the truck WAS on its way to a processing plant.

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