Late Tuesday night, local, state and federal agencies responded to a traffic stop on highway 77.
During a search, dozens of immigrants were found inside an 18-wheeler, their ages, ranging from three years old to 59.
“We transported one to Valley Baptist Harlingen and one to Valley Baptist in Brownsville. They were treated for dehydration and heat exhaustion.”
The 86 undocumented immigrants were being transported in a tractor-trailer, also filled with pallets of produce. The temperature inside the rig was at an estimated 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
“They made a hole on the roof of this trailer and based on the temperature inside the trailer, it looks like it was an attempted escape route.”
Border Patrol, officials attribute incidents like these to a lack of personnel, technology and infrastructure.
“The numbers are going up when it comes to tractor-trailer loads, as well as stash houses in the area. The risk is out there, the heat is here. This is our worst time of year when it comes to rescues and unfortunately deaths along the southwest border.”
A man and a woman, presumably in charge of transporting the undocumented immigrants are in federal custody and under investigation.
Those rescued are from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Mexico. The case is now under federal prosecution by the Assistant United States Attorney.