A fatal auto-pedestrian accident was reported last night at the intersection of Bristol and Mines Road.
According to investigator Joe Baeza, the pedestrian, identified as 36-year-old Steven Tresitman from Rhode Island, was struck by a Dodge Ram truck.
“According to the preliminary findings of the investigation, they indicated that the pedestrian was actually the person who crossed the intersection at that location without any safety regard.”
At the scene, authorities found the victim unconscious. He was transported to Doctor’s Hospital where he died due to his injuries.
Laredo police say the driver stayed at the scene and tried to help the victim. Adding the driver was the one to call authorities.
“There were no indications that the driver was intoxicated or an indication that he was speeding or driving recklessly or anything else simply else that the pedestrian crossed in front of him. For right now, despite all the facts that he didn’t have signs of intoxication, the driver of the truck voluntarily submitted blood tox to eliminate he had anything in his system.”

The Laredo Police Crash Team continues to investigate this case.