Laredo, Texas — Just last week, Police responded to multiple reports of vehicles that were burglarized.

Out of the 30 cases reported, 24 of them were because people left their vehicles unlocked.

“It’s that lure, it’s that wanted item that people are burglarizing. Usually people dependent on narcotics. They don’t care what they have to steal in order to pay those narcotics. There is a trend regarding these burglaries of vehicles.”

Laredo Police

Officers say that although the numbers may seem high for just a week, auto theft cases are still low in Laredo.

“In 2018 compared to 2017, there was a 60 percent reduction in burglary of vehicles with no force. In other words, people leaving the vehicle unlocked. Regarding using force there was a decrease of 24 percent.”

Investigator Baeza says these crimes are common at night and early morning. He adds that at times people leave their car running with the AC on to avoid their vehicle getting hot or they forget to put away valuable items.

That is why they are sending out this message:

Make sure your doors are locked and hide all belongings.

Authorities are investigating who is responsible for these burglaries. If you have any information regarding these crimes, you are asked to call 795-2800.