Laredo Police say an argument between a man and a woman almost ended in a fatality.

The incident was reported at the 3300 block of Louisiana Avenue. At the scene, investigators say they found a male victim with a stab wound to his chest and a female identified as 25-year-old Angeles Micaela Garcia.

“This actually was a carryover of an incident that had happened earlier in the evening. It appears that the victim and Angeles had a verbal argument at another location and Angeles followed the victim home, broke into the apartment by forcing her way in through the front door where there was another confrontation and Angeles grabbed a weapon, in this case, a knife stabbing the victim in the chest.”

Luckily, the victim did not sustain serious injuries.

“From there both the victim and the suspect Angeles were transported to Laredo Medical Center for further observation for medical conditions. After that, a warrant was obtained for Angeles charging her with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a 50,000 bond.”

Authorities did not disclose the type of relationship between the victim and Garcia. All they said was that they were known to each other.

Garcia is out on bond from the Webb County Jail. At this time, it is unknown if the victim has been released from the hospital.