24 Years Without Running Water

24 Years Without Running Water

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Hidalgo County (KFXV) — The Espinoza family tells Fox News they’ve been living without water services for the last 24 years in rural Mission.
Without water services extended to their rural home, Gamaliel Espinoza has found a way to provide water on a daily basis.
But on days rainy days, that every day chore becomes somewhat difficult to achieve.
Gamaliel says, “It’s inconvenient for my wife to have to carry water from outside to wash dishes. We don’t have warm water to shower with. We have to heat it up on the stove.”
Gamaliel transports a tank on his truck everyday to bring the vital liquid, that has not been made available to them.
“All these years we’ve struggled. We bring water from other places so that we can use it to wash dishes, cook and shower. It’s always been a problem,” Mrs. Espinoza added.
“I go with my neighbor, and from there I bring water, and I pay him at the end of the month,” Mr. Espinoza added.
We confirmed another family is also affected by the lack of water services in this area.
Fox News spoke to officials from Precinct three and they tell us, they will look into this family’s problem and try to find a way to resolve it.
We’ll continue to follow this story to bring you the latest.

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