An 18-year-old is accused of sexual assault against a 14-year-old. The incident was reported in December.
18-year-old Tevki Esai Escamilla was detained this week after a mother told police her daughter had been intimate with him.
“From there the initial report was transferred to the Special Investigations Unit for a follow-up investigation. The detective in charge presented his findings to the District Attorney’s Office.”
The DA’s office found sufficient evidence to arrest Escamilla. He remains behind bars with a 125 thousand dollar bond. He is facing charges of sexual assault and indecency with a minor by sexual contact. Authorities did not disclose the relationship between the victim and the suspect but did confirm they were known to each other.
Laredo Police say this case is different, they want to remind the community a minor can’t consent to an intimate relationship with another person.
“As long as you are under the age of 18, you cannot legally consent to have a sexual relationship or intimate relationship with another person regardless if you are dating or not. In these cases, we urge the victims to come forward or complainants to come forward if the victim is scared.”
To report any type of sexual assault, remember you can call Laredo Police at 795-2800.